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Vince Rivers 

Soulful Renditions of Modern Music
Vince Rivers

Imagine the energy of a modern day singer-songwriter performing a soulful fusion of traditional Jazz and Blues.  Add hints of R&B or Reggae and you'll hear an honest and pure approach that creates an intimate and engaging experience.  Vince is not only an acoustic performer, but a true storyteller.  Drawing from his families roots in Charleston, SC; Vince has successfully conveyed his passion for music and culture,  performing across the country for nearly two decades. His vocal style can be described as warm, smooth, clean, with a guitar style that  perfectly compliments his voice. His musical arrangements make classics sound new with repertoire that seamlessly crosses genres fusing modern, popular music with timeless, soulful classics.  Performances include: Soul, jazz, pop, blues, spirituals, contemporary christian & gospel for private & corporate events, wedding ceremonies, receptions, cocktail hour, retreats, house concerts, funerals, memorials, church events & concerts.  Vince prides himself on being a professional, punctual, and well-presented performer. He works with clients to deliver the ideal soundtrack for their big day, careful to turn up at least an hour before events start, and always creates just the right atmosphere for an unforgettable event.

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